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10 Year Redken Performing Artist

Short Hair

Healthy Hair

Great hair is healthy hair! Allow me to show you how to achieve/correct/maintain shiny, healthy, in-control hair. You are guaranteed all product regimens.

Wedding Hair

Experienced Care

We have over 30 years hair coloring and cutting expertise. We only use professional products like Redken & Pureology.

Dyed Hair

All Types

Colored, highlighted, straightened or bleached, we are experienced in maintaining all types of hair. Unsure? Our consulting is complementary.

Now Certified In Dream Catchers "The Worlds Best Hair Extensions"

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San Antonio Location (Near Elrod Elementary): Get Directions

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Short Hair

Vicki Stephens-Jackson

Do you have damaged hair, dull hair, over-processed hair, have split-ends, dry-ends, uneven color, wrong color for your skin type, flat hair, lifeless hair, not shiny enough, no shine, feels like sticks/hay, thinning hair, menopausal hair, or changing hair?

Vicki Stephens-Jackson

As a hair designer/salon owner for over 30 years and a 10 year Redken performing artist, She has the knowledge to correct all those common problems that women have with their hair. Vicki's ultimate goal is to empower women, whether it is for a reason, season, or a lifetime. She commonly is known as the "Hair Doctor". Specializing in texture, shape, and tonality, her artistic abilities will allow her to help you achieve your inner desires. Her knowledge of the importance of deep cleansing and hair repairs is the key ingredient to the quality of service she delivers.

Women and men who "value" great hair always search for quality artists to serve them. A typical comment is "I cannot believe this is my hair! I am so happy!!"

All women go through processes with their look throughout their lives. Most women are looking for consistent, stable designers who serve them with value, honesty, and willingness.

Classic beauty of shape and tone are Vicki's forte. Sitting in her chair, one will find a sense of reassurance when describing their desires. However, most clients have faith in allowing Vicki to create a masterpiece to enhance one's inner beauty.

Vicki has over 30 years of experience with hair shape, texture, and tone. She believes that beauty comes first from within. She consults with each client and asks pertinent questions that will enable her to reflect one's inner self.

Any visit with Vicki Stephens-Jackson will not be your typical salon visit. Clients feel ease and comfort as she makes each experience full and enriching.

Short Hair

Our #1 Priority Is Your Hair

The condition of each client's hair is Vicki's #1 priority and key to success. If your hair shows distress or is damaged, she will tell you "You have to put in what you take out". It does not take long to correct hair conditions, to make it shiny, soft, and healthy. Additionally, she empowers men and women with the knowledge to maintain beautiful, bouncy and responsive hair.

Long layers and sexy hair is another specialty of Vicki's. She gives long, luxurious layers that move and whip. With proper shape and texture, your hair will have long lasting results.

Vicki offers personalized service to her clients. Want a perfect bob? Look no further! Only experienced stylists understand where and when to use graduation in the shape; with this knowledge, she offers what she calls; the FaceLift haircut! She understands the importance of clear communication so that all needs are met. She cares that you have the ability to mimic at home. She passionately offers styling sessions so that all clients feel empowered.

New Pravana Perfection Smoothing Treatment (similar to Brazilian, with no harsh chemicals, no masks) transforms unruly hair into smooth, in-control hair you have always dreamed of! Her heart is forever at your service.

Layered Straight Grey Hair

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